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Sweet Dreams

Our debut album is available on BabyCalm (as well as download platforms) and contains a collection of soothing pieces designed to bring your toddler hours of restful sleep…perfect for naptime, bedtime or anytime! 

“This music is so baby and I enjoy it together every night at bedtime.” 

Marcy N.

I bought the music box for my sister for her newborn baby, and it worked so well that she asked me to get one for my 2-year old niece. Since then, I've been giving this as gifts to all the new/soon-to-be Mommies I know. It's been a big hit with everyone who's gotten one, and I plan to make more purchases of this product in the future!" 

Amber R

“My little one is fussy when it comes to bedtime. After just a few songs, she fell asleep instantly. Thank you Music My Baby!”

John L.

Great Product, Works Wonders to Help the Baby Sleep!

My wife is a nanny and uses BabyCalm with both of the kids she takes care of! It works extremely well to soothe the babies. It's great that you can just press play and leave it there! I would highly recommend this to all parents, I actually use it for myself sometimes to help me!